Dresses closet VS italy-sea

Every year as I prepare my taxes I vow to be more organized.  This year I became very aware of something else.  Just how much money I spend on stuff!  Items, that by April of the following year, I have mostly forgotten about.  How could something that seemed so important at the time become so unimportant not even a year later?  The only expenses that brought a smile to my face and rehashed great memories were those related to my travel.   I recall the anticipation, the preparation, and the wonder of new experiences.  When I look at those receipts I smile. I recall the conversation with the shopkeeper. The undiscovered street, literally something new and exciting around every corner. There are instances where I have regretted not spending more on an experience that I considered too expensive or too time consuming at the time.  Perhaps I should have hiked that volcano, or taken the time to visit the museum.  Travel for me is the one experience where I smile when I look at receipts and regret that I didn’t explore more, savor more or spend more!  This time of year you will see countless articles advising you to spend your tax return on a trip.  I don’t disagree.  I will broaden that sentiment just a bit.  Consider all of the money spent throughout the year on items that are soon forgotten.  Start a travel account.  For every piece of clothing, new shoes, new television, book, makeup product, hair or whatever your fascination, put the money in the account.  You will be surprised by how much money you save to create memories and have new experiences that will leave you smiling next year at tax time and for years to come.